Our Mission

To help get cool data science stuff done by connecting people who have data to people who need data.

About the Datafair.xyz platform

Datafair.xyz is one of the first data marketplace platforms that facilitates exchange of datasets between individual data providers and consumers. Datafair also provides companies, business customers, research institutions, and the academic community with forums for accessing those people who produced specialized datasets on life sciences, finances, sports, real-world objects, and wide variety of other areas of interest.

Why Datafair?

New discoveries can be derived from combining different datasets. Exploring a new dataset typically includes testing for correlations between attributes. This requires access to the raw data. Eventually, the data scientist can expand on the correlations by building predictive models, again using the raw data for model training and validation.  But, to get to this point the data scientist has usually invested a lot of their effort in the time consuming work of searching for and cleaning up the datasets.  As much as 80% of the total effort spent in making predictions is put into doing such things as producing compatible formats, dealing with missing attributes, or validating that the underlying assumptions about the dataset match reality. These are things that could be done by the data producer to allow the data scientist to be more productive.

Datafair provides a place where responsible, quality conscious data providers can get rewarded for their attention to detail and their unique understanding of their datasets.   At the same time Datafair provides with data consumers a variety of data that would otherwise be invisible to them.

Benefits for the data consumer

Datafair will help minimize the effort spent on searching and cleaning up data, by connecting the real data provider with the data scientist end user. The data scientists will be able to have all their questions answered by the person who is actually responsible for generating the dataset.   They can find out quickly and efficiently how the data was sourced, validated, normalized, formatted, etc., by directly asking the provider.  This transparency into the dataset increases trust as well as value to the data consumer.

Benefits for the data provider

Individual experts with unique datasets can be very hard to find. And, for many of these experts making their unique datasets available to others takes a lot of time and effort with little in the way of return for their investment.  Datafair is a platform that helps the data expert offer their dataset to any data consumer and gives them several incentives to do so.  The financial returns are only part of the benefit to data providers.  By requiring the assignment of a license, both the provider and consumer are protected (assuming use one of the suggested standardized open licenses) by having normal data licensing terms applied.

About the people at Datafair.xyz

We are data geeks and we love new technologies. But, every time we wanted play with a new data technology or answer a new question, we spent the majority of our time trying to find the data that would suit the question. When we finally found who had the data we needed, often there was no real incentive for them to make it available to us. We created Datafair to solve these problems. Data providers can get easily paid and attach licensing terms to their data, and data users can easily find and reuse data. These connections will finally make a big part of the potential value of data come true.